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“God is light; In him there is no darkness...”  

[1 John 1:5]

Welcome to Middle Smithfield Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s website.  We are a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving church family.  It is our goal to fulfill Jesus’ commandment to “Go and make disciples.”  Locally, that means inviting people into the family, and helping them grow in faith and knowledge.  Globally, that means supporting missionaries, and participating in mission work with our sister church in Togo, West Africa.



We are a richly diverse community of people.  We come from a wide variety of cultures, races, and ethnicities. We grew up in Monroe County; but we also grew up in NY, NJ, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, India, Korea, Europe and Africa.  We work in the trades, hospitals, and accounting firms; but we also drive trucks and school buses, own our own businesses, install satellite dishes; and some of us are retired.  We’ve lived here for many generations; but we have also moved here recently.  We are new-born babies, elementary and middle school aged school kids, young parents, and aging grandparents.  We are married, single, divorced and widowed.   And we love it!  We revel in our diversity!

What brings us all together is our desire to know Jesus Christ better, and to worship Him more.  We share a love for the Bible, and we read it together.  We care for one another, and show that care by praying for, and enjoying time with, one another.  We are Middle Smithfield Evangelical Presbyterian Church, and we’d love to have you join us.

Upcoming Events



Women's Easter Tea

2:00- 4:00 PM


Fellowship Hall


Maundy Thursday Service

7:00 PM


Fellowship Hall


Passion of the Christ Showing

7:00 PM

New Sanctuary

Help Those In Need

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord,
and he will repay him for his deed.” 

[Proverbs 19:17]

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